THE CONSTITUTION Title I : General Principles Article
THE CONSTITUTION Title II : Purposes and Activities
THE CONSTITUTION Title IV : Governing Bodies
THE CONSTITUTION Title V : Meetings of the ABCO
THE CONSTITUTION Title VI : Amendments
THE BYLAWS - Chapter I : General Meetings' Faculties
THE BYLAWS - Chapter II : President's Duties, Faculties

Article 2 :
The president shall have the following authorities :

a) to represent the ABCO in accordance with the authority established in the Bylaws.

b) To represent the ABCO at the international level in all acts which are necessary to carry out his duties.

c) To direct the Annual Meetings.

d) To appoint officials (Judges and referees) for each ABCO Championship fight.

Article 3 :
The president of ABCO is responsible for his actions , in accordance with the Constitution, Bylaws and Rules of the ABCO.

Article 4 :
The temporary or permanent absence of the President
shall be filled by one of the Vice-Presidents.

THE BYLAWS - Chapter III : Secretary General's Faculties
THE BYLAWS - Chapter IV : Member's Duties, Faculties
THE BYLAWS - Chapter V : Amendments
The rules and regulations about a championship match and defense the title of Asian Boxing Council.

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