THE CONSTITUTION Title I : General Principles Article
THE CONSTITUTION Title II : Purposes and Activities
THE CONSTITUTION Title IV : Governing Bodies

Article 10 :
The governing bodies of the ABCO shall be :

a) the General Council

b) the President

Article 11 :
The Council is the highest authority of the ABCO and shall be made up of the duly accepted Regular Members.
The quorum of the Convention shall be one third (1/3) of its Regular Members who are qualified to vote.

Article 12 :
The president of the ABCO shall be elected by a majority votes at the Convention and the Vice-Presidents shall be appointed by the president.
They will remain in office for a period four (4) years.

Article 13 :
The ABCO President shall have all the obligations,
rights and duties customary to his position, including the following :

a) He shall be the official representative of the ABCO with respect to final decisions of the General Convention of other matters related with the ABCO.

b) He shall be the superior authority of the ABCO and shall have the rights to assign General Secretary of the ABCO, Ring officials and other positions in ABCO related with its operation.

c) He shall be in charged of all matters related to the ABCO's finances and shall present to the Convention a report which contains the information concerning the budget activities of the immediately previous year(s).

Article 14 :
The Vice-President's duties and responsibilities shall be designated by the President include acting as substitute for the President.

Article 15 :
The Secretary General shall be in charge of administer the ABCO and shall :

a) be in charge of implementation of Rules and Regulations and preparation of a monthly ABCO Ratings Reports.

b) Control the meeting ABCO Conventions.

c) Maintain control all records and official matters relating thereto.

THE CONSTITUTION Title V : Meetings of the ABCO
THE CONSTITUTION Title VI : Amendments
THE BYLAWS - Chapter I : General Meetings' Faculties
THE BYLAWS - Chapter II : President's Duties, Faculties
THE BYLAWS - Chapter III : Secretary General's Faculties
THE BYLAWS - Chapter IV : Member's Duties, Faculties
THE BYLAWS - Chapter V : Amendments
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