12 Jun 2020

The WBC team in Thailand offered a helping hand to those in need during the ongoing Corona Virus pandemic when fourteen professional boxers received funds from the World Boxing Council COVID-19 relief fund. The usage of the relief funds is specifically directed for essential food items for the boxers and their loved ones.

The WBC has successfully created an extension of the “José Sulaimán Boxers Fund “ by founding the “ WBC Covid-19 Relief Fund “. The WBC establishment of its Covid-19 Relief Fund is the result of its work with Nevada Community Foundation, which administers the WBC José Sulaimán Boxers Fund. The new Covid-19 Relief Fund is available to provide boxers (active and retired) and their families with much-needed food and supplies during the world pandemic.

Speaking at the fund giving ceremony in Bangkok, WBC Vice-President Pol. General Kovid Bhakdibhumi, stated how proud he is of the ongoing positive role the World Boxing Council is playing during these times of crisis with the daily WBC talks and now this kind gesture to offer people in the boxing industry a helping hand with essential items until boxing can resume under safe conditions.


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