15 May 2020

We all face new challenges due to the Covid-19 World Pandemic. Our biggest fight is out of the ring against an invisible opponent, a virus that doesn’t distinguish race, social status or gender.

Throughout the history of humanity, the world has suffered and overcome wars, natural catastrophes and pandemics. In the most challenging times, acts of selfless heroism emerge, which determines and makes us shine as Humanity.

The World Boxing Council created the “Heroes of Humanity” award to recognize those heroes and heroines who, day after day through their various actions, bravely face the pandemic.

Whether they have conducted an online class, given an inspiring talk or take food to the hungry, created masks and protectors, or simply purchased supplies for a sick neighbor or elderly person, we are proud of them.

We invite everyone in the world boxing community to nominate any person who you think should be recognized and acknowledged. Please send an email to president@wbcboxing.com with the name of the candidate and a description of their heroic actions.


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