I : General Principles Article
1 : The commission hereby incorporated is named Asian Boxing Council (ABCO) Article
2 : The Asian Boxing Council, herein called the ABCO, is a non-profit organization with legal status and is comprised of duly authorized and legally established entities which regulate, control and supervise professional boxing in their respective jurisdictions. Article
3 : The Asian Boxing Council solely affiliate of the World Boxing Council (WBC), so WBC's rule and regulation will be applied to the ABCO's rule and regulation as well. Article
4 : The ABCO's head-office shall be wherever the president locates or installs the ABCO's main offices. Article
5 : The ABCO shall exercise its authority carry out its activities anywhere in the world in accordance with the provisions of its Constitution, Bylaws, Regulations and Rules.

Title II : Purposes and Activities
Article 6 : The ABCO shall obtain uniformity and harmony in the control and supervision of professional boxing throughout its member associations.
Article 7 : The ABCO shall carry out the following :
a) The ABCO shall recognize the ABCO champion in each of the weight divisions established in its regulations.
b) The ABCO shall adopt a belt of the ABCO champion and shall be awarded to the Champion duly recognized by the ABCO.
c) The ABCO may create certificates or other types of recognition to be awarded to the boxers and other persons who have reached a high distinction in the performance of their respective activities in professional boxing.
d) The ABCO shall publish an official list of Ratings containing the names of boxers selected in each divisions of weight in the form of the most outstanding boxers up to a maximum of ten boxers in each weight divisions.
Title III : Membership
Article 8 : The ABCO shall have the following categories of Membership :
a) Regular Members : The Boxing or Athletic authorities concerned which are duly authorized shall be Regular Members.
b) Associates Members : Those persons who have licenses issued by the regular Members of ABCO such as promoters, managers, boxers and any other person related to the boxing activities shall be eligible to be Associate Members.
c) Honorary Members : Honorary Members of the ABCO shall be the Founders of the ABCO and those persons who may recognized by the ABCO.
Article 9 : At the ABCO's Conventions, each Member shall be entitled to a single vote.

Title IV : Governing Bodies
Article 10 : The governing bodies of the ABCO shall be :
a) the General Council
b) the President
Article 11 : The Council is the highest authority of the ABCO and shall be made up of the duly accepted Regular Members.
The quorum of the Convention shall be one third (1/3) of its Regular Members who are qualified to vote.
Article 12 : The president of the ABCO shall be elected by a majority votes at the Convention and the Vice-Presidents shall be appointed by the president.
They will remain in office for a period four (4) years.
Article 13 : The ABCO President shall have all the obligations,
rights and duties customary to his position, including the following :
a) He shall be the official representative of the ABCO with respect to final decisions of the General Convention of other matters related with the ABCO.
b) He shall be the superior authority of the ABCO and shall have the rights to assign General Secretary of the ABCO, Ring officials and other positions in ABCO related with its operation.
c) He shall be in charged of all matters related to the ABCO's finances and shall present to the Convention a report which contains the information concerning the budget activities of the immediately previous year(s).
Article 14 : The Vice-President's duties and responsibilities shall be designated by the President include acting as substitute for the President.
Article 15 : The Secretary General shall be in charge of administer the ABCO and shall :
a) be in charge of implementation of Rules and Regulations and preparation of a monthly ABCO Ratings Reports.
b) Control the meeting ABCO Conventions.
c) Maintain control all records and official matters relating thereto.
Title V : Meetings of the ABCO
Article 16 : The Annual Conventions of the ABCO shall be
held during the fourth quarter of the calendar year.
The Date and Site of Annual Convention shall be determined by the President.
A special Meeting/Convention may be held, called the
President when he considers them necessary.
Article 17 : At the Annual Convention meetings, the following work order shall be submitted.
a) Report form the president
b) Reading of the minutes of the previous Convention for approval or modification.
c) Report by the Vice-Presidents and Secretary General.
d) Pending matters.
e) Election.
f) Resolutions and various matters.
Title VI : Amendments
Article 18 : At the convention or General Meeting, a vote of two
third (2/3) of its members who are present is necessary to decide on any amendment of the Constitution, Bylaws, Regulations and Rules.
The amendments approved by the Convention shall have immediate effect except if the respective provision states otherwise.
A majority vote shall be necessary to amend.
Chapter I : General Meetings' Faculties
Article 1 : The General Meeting/Convention shall have the
following faculties :
a) to elect by majority vote of members present, the authorities which govern the ABCO.
b) to approve or modify the minutes and budget of the
c) to be informed, of approve, support of censure the administration of any of its bodies, members and authorities.
Chapter II : President's Duties, Faculties
Article 2 : The president shall have the following authorities :
a) to represent the ABCO in accordance with the authority established in the Bylaws.
b) To represent the ABCO at the international level in all acts which are necessary to carry out his duties.
c) To direct the Annual Meetings.
d) To appoint officials (Judges and referees) for each ABCO Championship fight.
Article 3 : The president of ABCO is responsible for his actions , in accordance with the Constitution, Bylaws and Rules of the ABCO.
Article 4 : The temporary or permanent absence of the President
shall be filled by one of the Vice-Presidents.
Chapter III : Secretary General's Faculties
Article 5 : The Secretary General shall exercise all the inherent in
his office, attend to all correspondence received which require a reply.
He shall call all general and special meetings to be held by the ABCO.
He shall keep records of all boxing matches held in the jurisdiction of the respective member commissions and shall carry out all other duties which are entrusted to him by the president of the ABCO.
He shall be responsible for keeping adequate accounting records for the ABCO.
Chapter IV : Member's Duties, Faculties
Article 6 : Regular members shall be entitled to attend, be recognized and exercise what it is expressly stated in the Constitution and Bylaws.

Article 7 : All decisions made at the General or Special Meetings shall be made by a majority vote of the attending Regular Members who are qualified to vote.
Article 8 : To be elected to the President or Vice-Presidents or any position of authority in the ABCO it is an indispensable condition under the Constitution that the persons must be a Regular Member or a Honorary Member of the ABCO.
Article 9 : Voting by proxy shall be permitted when the absence is for a justified cause.
Chapter V : Amendments
Article 10: No modification shall be made to these Bylaws except those preopened at General Meetings by two-third (2/3) of the members attending who are qualified to vote.

The Rules and Regulations governing the Asian Boxing Council Championship bouts, adopted by the ABCO, shall be obligatory and binding all the ABCO's sanctioned bouts , and shall prevail over local Rules and Regulations.
1. General Rules and Regulations
The Championship bouts shall be held under the jurisdiction of the Commission or organization legally authorized to regulate, control or supervise professional boxing and under the Rules and Regulations of the ABCO.
1-1. All ABCO Championship bouts shall be of twelve (12) rounds. Each round shall be for three (3) minutes with one (1) minute rest period between round.
1-2. The ABCO Championship bouts shall be officiated by a non - scoring Referee and three (3) Judges scoring designated by the President of ABCO.
The Ten Point Must Scoring System shall be applied all the Championship bouts in which the winner of each round shall be entitled to ten (10) points.
2. Weight and Weigh-In Ceremony
2-1. The ABCO Championship bouts shall be recognized in the following weight Divisions :
Strawweight Up to 105 lbs. Or 47.627 kgs.
Light Flyweight Up to 108 lbs. Or 48.980 kgs.
Flyweight Up to 112 lbs. Or 50.800 kgs.
Super Flyweight Up to 115 lbs. Or 52.160 kgs.
Bantamweight Up to 118 lbs. Or 53.520 kgs.
Bantamweight Up to 122 lbs. Or 55.340 kgs.
Featherweight Up to 126 lbs. Or 57.150 kgs.
Super Featherweight Up to 130 lbs. Or 58.970 kgs.
Lightweight Up to 135 lbs. Or 61.240 kgs.
Super Lightweight Up to 140 lbs. Or 63.500 kgs.
Welterweight Up to 147 lbs. Or 66.680 kgs.
Super Welterweight Up to 154 lbs. Or 69.850 kgs.
Middleweight Up to 160 lbs. Or 72.580 kgs.
Super Middleweight Up to 168 lbs. Or 76.200 kgs.
Light Heavyweight Up to 175 lbs. Or 79.380 kgs.
Cruiserweight Up to 200 lbs. Or 90.710 kgs.
Heavyweight Over 200 lbs. Or 90.710 kgs.

2-2. The official weigh-in for the ABCO title bouts shall take place the day prior to the bout, between 4:00 PM(16:00 hours) and 8:00 PM (20:00 hours)
2-3. In case, Champion or challenger fails to make his weight limited determined in the Division, each one of them or both shall have two (2) additional hours to make the prescribed weight.
2-4. If the ABCO champion fails to make the weight, then he shall immediately lose the title and the bout shall be staged as scheduled, provided that the challenger has made the weight, if the under the circumstances, the challenger wins the bout, he shall be new champion, but if the over-weight champion wins, then the title shall be vacant.
2-5. If the champion makes the weight and the challenger fails to make it, the champion shall retain the title even if he loses the bout.
2-6. Should the both contenders fail to make the prescribed weight, the title shall be vacant, and the bout shall be staged as a non-title bout.
2-7. The scale to be used at the official weight-in shall be available to the both contenders, at least, 24 hours before the weigh-in time.
3. Defense of the Title
3-1. Every ABCO champion must defend his title against highest available contender at intervals of no more than 12 months from the title obtained date of form the date on which the last defense against the leading contender.
3-2. ABCO may order elimination bouts to determine the mandatory challenger.
3-3. In the interim period, between the mandatory defense, the champion may defend his title against any opponent selected from the list of Ratings in his Division.
3-4. In the event that a ABCO championship is declared vacant, the two highest available contenders shall meet each other in a title fight. The highest available contender shall be selected by the president , according to the current list of Ratings.
4. Knockdown and Knockout
4-1. A boxer can be knocked down without automatic knock out; the referee may stop the bout at any time.
4-2. A boxer shall deemed to be "Knockdown" when any part of his body, except his feet, makes contact with the floor of the ring, or when he hangs helplessly over the ropes as a result of legal blow.
4-3. The protection count of 8 seconds after each knockdown shall be mandatory.
4-4. When a boxer is knockdowned , the Referee shall begin the count immediately. If the knockdowned boxer does not stand up before the count of ten (10), he shall be loser by K.O.(Knockout)

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